Latest Screenshots

Map A new map in C:BEL using tiles from existing BEL/BCD maps.

Mod A new map in C:BEL based on a Commandos 3 map.

Mission 1 Mod A new map based on sprites of the first mission.

Interface Mod Some minor interface changes and a new gun.

VOL Reader A screenshot of a C:BCD map.

VOL Creator development discontinued.

VOL Reader Shows you the Commandos maps.

VOL Creator The same map, but now the polys are visible only.

Mod Screenshots

Mission 1 Mod Barriers have been removed.

Mission 1 Mod Driver can walk/drive on water.

Mission 1 Mod Added a climbable wall and replaced the road texture.

Mission 1 Mod Added a floating bridge.

Mission 1 Mod Sprite exchange: first succesful attempt.     09.12.2008

Mission 1 Mod Added my first building.     10.12.2008

Mission 1 Mod My first selfmade map.     24.12.2008

CaraEditor Adds Commandos to a mission.


Commandos Vehicles.

Commandos Planes and Boats.Commandos Trains and Trams.